The Battlegrounds

Day 2

Off on their first lead, following the last known attack site, the troupe disembark from the Wicked Witch at sunset and head into town to survey the wreckage and look for clues. Though the trail seems cold and the facts unclear, they do meet with some encamped security. after thoroughly dispatching the self-destructing ninjas, they are left with nothing more than when they started; a trail of destruction starting at the woods and ending at the seaport in which they now stand. A simple " I’ll be back" from the shape-changing angelic character known as Anaractavius and he disappears. While gone for a couple hours, his companions manage to further befriend Patchy and his crew with provisions and ale from the ravaged town. Anaractavius, however, manages to track down the last adventurer’s remains and find another camp of ninja. Through cunning and magical force, he eliminates his opposition and recruits one of the ninja to aid them. Giving them some meager intel, they are left with only one course of action: track this evil through the woods.



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