The Battlegrounds

Day One

The adventure begins

So, a Centaur, Half-Elf, and a Planetar Angel walk into the town hall. No, not a joke, this is how it all started. A Centaur named Ixion and his Half-Elf comrade, Onion, hailing from the deep southern wilds, are set off on a mission from their order to investigate the nature of the northeastern woodlands and the rumors of evil that their elders have felt on the breeze. When they arrive at Port Skittles, nearest town to the rumored evil woods, they find themselves taking to the same course as a large angelic figure named Anaractavius. The mysterious character, sent by a secret group of powerful magi, lets on little information, revealing only that he has been sent to investigate the powerful magic around the nearby woodlands. After “asking,” more like interrogating, the mayor about the information on the investigation of the strange goings on, the three take his advice and plot a course for the nearest port north of Skittles. That is, after persuading Captain Patchy Brownpants to set sail right away, without provisions, a full crew, or a sober mind. They narrowly, unknown to them, miss several dangerous rocky points and land safely at the desolate port town of Whisper Meadow. I can’t wait to see what happens next!!



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