The Tussler

While not willing or able to devote their time and energy to formal training, the tussler aims to be the best a self-made fighter can be, always trying to learn from their friends and adversaries.

Class details

  • Alignment — any nonlawful
  • Weapon and armor proficiencies
    • Simple Weapons and shortbow
    • Light and medium armor, and bucklers
  • Skills
    • (5+int) x 4 skill points at 1st level, 5+int every level after
    • Class skills are: Balance, Climb, Escape artist, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge(Local), Listen, Search, Spot, Survival, Swim, Tumble, Use rope
  • Hit die: d8
  • Special: A tussler must be of medium size and must have spent most of their lives in a town of at least small size.
Level BaB F/R/W saves Unarmed Class features
1 1 0/2/0 1d6 Imp. unarmed strike, Fast move +5, Fighting Mentality
2 2 0/3/0 1d6 Improvised Weaponry
3 3 1/3/1 1d6 1st wrestling trick, Improved grapple
4 4 1/4/1 1d6 Scars+1
5 5 1/4/1 1d8 Sucker Punch
6 6/1 2/5/2 1d8 Acrobatic attack
7 7/2 2/5/2 1d8 Fast movement+10
8 8/3 2/6/2 2d4 Scars+2
9 9/4 3/6/3 2d4 Mind over body(2/day)
10 10/5 3/7/3 2d4 2nd Wrestling trick
11 11/6/1 3/7/3 2d6 One with battle
12 12/7/2 4/8/4 2d6 Scars+3
13 13/8/3 4/8/4 2d6 Fast movement+15
14 14/9/4 4/9/4 3d4 Shielded Backhand
15 15/10/5 5/9/5 3d4 Super Sucker punch
16 16/11/6/1 5/10/5 3d4 Scars+4
17 17/12/7/2 5/10/5 3d6 3rd Wrestling trick
18 18/13/8/3 6/11/6 3d6 Mind over body(4/day)
19 19/14/9/4 6/11/6 3d6 Fast movement +20
20 20/15/10/5 6/12/6 5d4 Scars+5

Improved Unarmed Strike — The tussler gains the Improved unarmed strike feat at 1st level, even if she does not meet the prerequisites for it. She also gains a unique unarmed attack damage progression, shown in the chart.

Fast Movement — At first level, and every 6 levels after, the tusslers base land speed increases by 5 feet. This bonus only applies when the tussler is not wearing heavy armor and not carrying a heavy load.

Fighting Mentality — Though not enrolled in formal training, the tussler has personally decided to devote themself to constant improvement. Treat the tussler’s class levels as Fighter class levels for feats and class requirements, as well as favored class.

Improvised Weaponry — At 2nd level, a tussler is always ready for a fight, even with his hands full. A tussler becomes proficient in the use of non-weapon items in battle, and may attack without penalty with any item using their class-modified unarmed damage. Further, any item that can be held in 1 hand and weighs less than 2 pounds may be treated as a thrown weapon with a range incriment of 5 feet.

Improved Grapple — At 3rd level, a tussler gains the Improved Grapple feat, even if they do not meet the requirements for it.

1st Wrestling Trick — At 3rd, 10th, and 17th level, the tussler may choose a wrestling trick to learn. At each level, the tussler may choose 1 trick from the newly aquired level of tricks or below. A wrestling trick only works when the tussler is unarmed, his opponent’s size is no more than 1 step away, and each trick may have other requirements or restrictions. Wrestling tricks are extrordinary abilities.

  • First level tricks
    • Follow Through — When the tussler hits with an unarmed strike, he may make a bullrush attempt without provoking an attack of opportunity on the target of the attack that hit. A bullrush used in this manner may only move the target 5 feet, and you may decide to move into the opponent’s previously occupied square or remain in your own square. Use this ability only once per round.
    • Low Kick — When the tussler hits with an unarmed strike, he may make a trip attempt without provoking an attack of opportunity. Failing a trip attempt in this manner does not allow your opponent an opportunity to trip you back. Use this ability once per reound.

Scars — The tussler’s body starts showing signs of the hard lessons learned. At 4th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, the tussler gains +1 to natural armor, as well as +1 to Fortitude and Will saves. These only apply when not wearing heavy armor and not carrying a heavy load.

Suckerpunch — At 5th level, whenever the tussler hits an opponent with an unarmed or improvised weapon attack and that opponent is denied their dexterity bonus, the tussler may add an ammount of d4’s to damage equal to her strength bonus. For example, a 7th level tussler with a 2 strength modifier hits an unaware enemy. That enemy is Flat-footed, and is denied their dexterity bonus. When the tussler rolls damage, they roll 1d82 for their unarmed damage, plus 2d4 suckerpunch damage. Treat this attack as you would a rogue’s sneak attack in terms of when and to whom you may or may not apply this bonus.

Acrobatic Attack — At 6th level, The tussler gains the Spring attack feat, even if he does not meet the requirements for it. Additionally, if the tussler uses a tumble as part of the movement in their spring attack, they may attempt a DC20 check instead of the usual DC15 check to move at full speed instead of half speed. If the higher DC is attempted and fails, the tumble fails. All other rules for using tumble apply. This modified tumble may only be used as part of a spring attack.

Mind over Body — At 9th level, the tussler’s familiarity with pain and his steely resolve to survive become stronger than ever. Twice per day as a swift action, the tussler may heal 3d4+con mod hit points. At level 18, the tussler gets 2 more daily uses of this ability. This ability is a supernatural effect.

2nd Wrestling Trick — You may choose one of these second level Wrestling tricks at level 10.

  • Eye gouge — While Grappling an opponent, you may substitute an eye gouge for an unarmed attack. Hitting with an eye gouge deals 1d4+str modifier damage and the enemy becomes blind for 3 rounds. You may use this move a number of times equil to your con modifier. Eye gouge does not work on opponents without eyes or with more than 2 eyes.
  • Choke hold — When the tussler is maintaining a grapple, he may initiate a choke hold in place of an attack. If the choke hold is maintained for 3 rounds, the enemy becomes unconcious for 2 rounds starting at the end of the turn the 3rd round of choke hold was maintained. You can use this a number of times equil This does not work on creatures without a discernable airway or on creatures who do not need to breathe.
  • Gut punch — A tussler may substitute an unarmed attack with a gut punch. This substitution must be declared before the attack is made. If the attack hits, it deals 2d8+str. nonlethal damage and the enemy is nauseated for 3 rounds. This may be used a number of times equal to your con mod. This ability does not work against creatures without a constitution score or who cannot normally be sickened or nauseated.

One with Battle — While unarmed or wielding an improvised weapon, the tussler may, as a free action, choose to have his attacks do any combination of bludgeoning, piercing, and/or slashing damage, and may treat his attacks as having any of his own alignment or alignment of his diety(DM decision) to overcome damage reduction. He also gains a 15 foot aura that imposes a -2 penalty on atacks to enemies in the aura attacking the tussler or his allies also within the aura. This aura is a mind-affecting fear effect that requires line of sight from the enemy to the tussler.

Shielded backhand — While wielding a buckler, the tussler may attack freely with either hand or both hands and retain the AC bonus from the buckler.

Super Suckerpunch — The tussler’s suckerpunch ability now does double his strength modifier’s ammount of d6’s in extra damage. (+2 str mod meand 4d6 extra damage, etc)

3rd Wrestling trick — Choose one of the following 3rd level wrestling tricks at level 17

  • Headbutt — While maintaining a grapple, you may make an additional natural attack with your head at -4 from your highest base attack bonus for 2d8+1/2 strenght mod. damage.
  • Knee Break — After pinning an opponent, the tussler may substitute an attack for a knee break, which deals 6d6+ str. mod. nonleathal damage and immobilizes the opponent until he recieves magical healing from a cure critical wounds, heal, or regenerate spell. Knee break does not immobilize enemies that do not rely on legs to walk, or they can use some other means of movement that does not require legs. Most creatures that fly must take off from a standing position. If the target posesses more than 2 legs, it knee break must be used on half of the opponents legs before it is immobilized.
  • Burning Rage — As a swift action, 3 times per day, a Tussler may release his anger as flame. The tussler becomes engulfed in flame that does not damage himself or his equipment. He gains immunity to fire and deals an additional 25 points of fire damage to any opponent he touches, grapples, or makes an unarmed attack against. This effect lasts a number of rounds equil to 1+ con mod.


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